Without name, from Europe. 17 years old. 1'68 cm right now.
I suffer from an ed, depression, mia and I used to be with ana.

LW : 45 kg.( 99.2 lbs )

HW : 56 kg.(123.2 lbs)

SW : 54.5 kg.(119.9 lbs)

CW : 51 kg.(112.2 lbs)

GW : 49 kg.(107.8 lbs)

GW2 : 45 kg.( 99.2 lbs )

feel free to ask me anything, I answer anons or not, with good intentions or not.

Anonymous asked:

Hey hun what's your intake at the moment? I'm at no more than 800cal per day and wondering if I'm going to see results..

a loss is a win answered:

Hey you!

I’m not controlling as much as I used to my intake… I have no idea how many calories I am eating per day, but surt too much. The change I’ve made is that nopw I eat more than before, but I practice twice or more times a week, running. That’s not a lot of exercise, but it’s enough if I want to feel better with myself and feel sane.

If you eat 800 cal per day, get sure you’ll going to see results. The problem is that if your body is used to these calories (no chocolate, no sugar….) if anytime you eat one kind of carbs or similar, it will absorve each calorie of that.
Because your metabolism will be up-down, and with anything caloric, will be suffering a huge change.

I recommend you a complet diet, with no excess of anything. Preference of fruit and vegetables, and exercise once or twice a week, even if it’s only for a 30 minutes, better than anything!

Thanks for your ask anon, it’s been a pleasure to read you.

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"I will not be your “sometimes”."

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Hellllll ye

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He encontrado esta foto para ti en Tumblr


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"Losing weight is not your life’s work, and counting calories is not the call of your soul. You surely are destined for something much greater, much bigger, than shedding 20 pounds or tallying calories.
What would happen if, instead of worrying about what you had for breakfast, you focused instead on becoming exquisitely comfortable with who you are as a person? Instead of scrutinizing yourself in the mirror, looking for every bump and bulge, you turned your gaze inward?"

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